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  • ShiaTv.Net

    The largest Muslim Shia video portal on the web with 80,000+ videos in over 12 languages, and over 500K registered members. ShiaTv.net is catering to the needs of every family member. Visit Website
  • Leader.ShiaTv.Net

    A comprehensive video portal with search capabilities and videos related to the Leader of the Muslim Ummah, Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Khamenei in different languages. Visit Website
  • TheMuslimTv.Net

    TheMuslimTV.net is founded to provide a Islamic source of education. A website with thousands of videos in various languages - Arabic, Farsi, English, Urdu, Turkish, Albanian, Spanish, and more…  Visit Website
  • AbbasAyleya.Org

    A distinguished Islamic scholar residing in North America who has been busy in traveling across the country to spread the religion of Allah. Visit Website
  • Video.IEC-Houston.org

    Islamic Education Center proudly presents video recordings of its events, speeches, Friday sermons etc. The media project is aimed at spreading Islam. Visit Website
  • Numainda-e-Rehbar.Com.Pk

    The official media portal of numainda e Rehbar was developed to spread the message of Quran, Ahlulbayt (as), Islamic beliefs, and spirituality. Visit Website
  • Videos.ISOPakistan.Org.Pk

    Official video portal of Imamia Students Organization features the video recording of ISO events, seminars, nauha, nasheed etc. Visit Website
  • IslamicIdeology.Net

    An exclusive video portal for English speaking viewers only. It highlights outstanding and brilliant Islamic scholars who have spent an enormous amount of time seeking the knowledge of Islam. Visit Website
  • AMZaidi.Com

    Video collection of Syed Ali Murtaza Zaidi - a renowned Islamic scholar on a wide variety of topics  - ranging from Islamic belief system to the current affairs. Visit Website
  • SJNaqvi.com

    Video library of Ustad Syed Jawad Naqavi with his lectures on a wide variety of topics and occasions - ranging from Islamic belief system to the current affairs. Visit Website
  • Videos.MWMPak.Org

    Official video portal of Majlis e Wahdat ul Muslimeen features the video recording of MWM events, seminars, nauha, nasheed etc. Visit Website
  • QuranFehmi.Com

    QuranFehmi.com is a very meager effort in the way of Allah, with the goal of increasing the understanding of the Holy Quran in our community. Visit Website
  • PureStream-Media.Com

    A digital media network to promote Islamic Spirituality & Awakening. Pure Stream signifies a continuous stream of the blood of the martyrs. Visit Website
  • WisdomGateway.Pk

    WGP is an effort to promote the divine teachings of pure Muhammadan Islam for Urdu speaking audiences worldwide. Visit Website
  • TKCS.Pk

    The Knowledge City School seeks to nurture the God-gifted potentials of each child by providing them with quality learning environment inspired by Islamic outlook and values. Visit Website
  • Purvutek.Com

    'PurVuTek, is a project initiated by a group of like-minded committed Muslim volunteers living in different parts of the world. PurVuTek is the parent project of several Islamic media projects. Visit Website
  • MehdiaHostel.Org

    MEHDIA HOSTEL is a boys hostel for orphan, underprivileged, and abandoned young children and is dedicated to providing them with a caring and nourishing environment or well-rounded life experience and growth. Visit Website
  • KarwaneQuran.Org

    KARWAN E QURAN is a series of audio TAFSEER lectures delivered in Urdu language. These lectures are sent through WHATSAPP on daily basis (one lecture daily) and the maximum duration of each lecture is 10 minutes. Visit Website
  • FCSDPak.Org

    Foundation for Comprehensive Social Development Is establish to provide the health care centers for poor and needy peoples and help them, through dispensaries, hospitals and to provide medicine free of cost or lowest charges. Visit Website
  • DarusSaqalain.Com

    A collection of books in Urdu language on various topics. These books are available for readers and are aimed to spread Islam. Visit Website
  • IslamicPulse.Tv

    Unveiling the belief system, jurisprudence, social/political issues, philosophical/theological foundation, authentic spiritual teachings of Islam. Visit Website
  • MehdiaCity.Com

    MEHDIA CITY is a project of HADI Builders & Developers (HB&D). This project of HB&D is being executed under the ownership and supervision of Maulana Syed Ali Murtaza Zaidi. Visit Website
  • RisePeople.Org

    The primary aim of R.I.S.E. shall be to raise awareness for the issues that are a direct result of Zionist and imperialist policies around the world. Subsidiary roles include being active and promoting goodwill in the local community. Visit Website
  • AMZaidi.Org

    AMZaidi.ORG is designed to give you an information on What Projects Agha Zaidi Focus Now a Days. Visit Website
  • Media.AliDeepRizvi.Com

    Media library of famous nauha and munqabat khwan Syed Ali Deep Rizvi. The portal has audios and videos of Ali Deep. Visit Website
  • Albalagh.Com.Pk

    A known project initiated years ago to introduce the teachings of pure Muhammadan Islam and the culture of Resistance. Visit Website
  • Mafatih ul Jinaan Urdu Android Application

    A project initiated to spread teachings of pure Muhammadan Islam. Visit Website
  • FollowersOfThePure.com

    Information about the Martyrs of Islam including their biographies, wills, memoirs, sayings and ahadith on the martyrs and martyrdom. Visit Website
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